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0253 Hand Held Scalp Head Massager Stress Relief
-74 %
Hand Held Scalp Head Massager Stress Relief Relieves stress, feels great. Light weight manual massager, ideal for health care. The massage tips are made of solid synthetic resin which bonds exceptionally well to the stainless steel wire and is very smooth textured. Easy to use this lightweight s..
Rs.46.00 Rs.180.00
1202 Small Mouse Trap Glue Pad 1202 Small Mouse Trap Glue Pad
-52 %
A lifesaver in your home - lets you save time and your sanity in the home and garden, and let adults and children as well as pets stay away from mice, roaches, spiders, crickets, bugs, fleas and other harmful insects or animals, to create a more warm and safe family environment Safe and easy to use ..
Rs.27.00 Rs.56.00
711 double sided microfiber hand glove duster
-67 %
PREMIUM: Sandbox Microfiber Cleaning Glove Large - it dusts, it cleans, it shines! Extremely soft, super absorbent, extra strong and durable, this economical cleaning aid is a must have in every home. Fits for Car and general household cleaning, such as glass, flooring, kitchen, hall and other clean..
Rs.50.00 Rs.150.00
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