159 Plastic Powerless Hand Blender  (Medium, Multicolour)

159 Plastic Powerless Hand Blender (Medium, Multicolour)

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  • Power less hand blander not only you can bland the things but also it gives you an exercise to your finger. Press and relax handle for performance. Heavy gear system for flowless usage . Easy to grip convenient to use. Quick to clean. Easy to store
  • Churning: (milk shake, lassi, butter milk .) liquidising: (soups, dal.) beating: (cream, eggs.) power less hand blender
  • Slient features: Easy to grip, extra durability, heavy gear system, quick to clean, easy to store
  • Material and content: 100% stainless steel wire blade, abs plastic material, gear system
  • Functions: Beating, whipping, mixing, ideal usage :- beating : cream, eggs. Liquidizing : tomato soup, dal. Churning : milk shake, lassi, butter milk